JULY 11 – Art & Blues!

define1“We Can Only Make One Decision: an drawing exhibition by Heather Sincavage” features a survey of drawings done during her three artist residencies in Finland, Spain, and Iceland as well as new drawings completed here in Presque Isle.  The drawings are process oriented and an analysis on the “Self.”  They embrace the acceptance of errors, indecision, and an accumulation of experiences that make us who we are.  Sincavage is an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at University of Maine at Presque Isle and Director of the Reed Art Gallery.  For more information, please see Sincavage’s website at www.heathersincavage.com.

Open Mic ~ 6-8 pm; “Two Nights Only” featuring Al Morris, Dan Schneider, John Morris, and Craig Daigle ~ 8-10 pm – or when the music stops!


I Didn’t Know And I Didn’t Care

Food Preservation Classes FlyerWe’re out of oil! We’re outta pickles! Do we have jam? What would you like us to grow for you, asks a stranger. Where do you get your seed? You farm?

These exclamations and check-list surveys are important at our restaurant, and though I have dillied and pickled and relished my vegetables, I don’t always think of the easy and fun little tricks that Cooperative Extension Food Specialist Lisa Fishman revealed to me in the planning for our Four Food Preservation Classes, scheduled to begin next Tuesday!

We see this as an opportunity to celebrate the HANDS-ON method of measuring and mixing, calculating and choosing, bottling and storing condiments, jams, jellies, oils, vinegars and pickles. How about a nice orange-scented cleaning vinegar? Better than bleach! How about ginger-berry refrigerator jam? Feta, roasted pepper, & garlic olive oil? I can’t wait to see what apothecary delights we come up with! Bring fancy bottles on March 4, as we create herb infused vinegars!

The other details you might want to know – THESE CLASSES ARE FOR MEN AND WOMEN! Also, we will have a limited menu, as we are usually not open on Tuesday evenings. We will sell wine, champagne and beer on these Tuesday evenings, as well. So you might want to consider saving your appetite for some delicious Tapas and Spirits!

Please register by calling 1-800-287-1421 – with Lisa Fishman at the Cooperative Extension Services Office, or call The Whole Potato Cafe at 554-4258!

You are what you make for a life!



“Cherry” rhymes with “Merry”

Preview of “Cherry Flyer” - reducedCabin Fever? Come in on Tuesday night for an evening of fun and learning! Lisa Fishman, Food Specialist for the Cooperative Extension Service, will guide us through some delicious cherry-themed creations! Cherry Salsa, Cherry Scones, and Cherry Smoothies!

It is (unbeknownst to me!) National Cherry Appreciation Month! What the heck – cherries are great at all moments, days, months, eh?

In March, Lisa and I have planned 4 Tuesday Classes on Food Preservation – Refrigerator Pickles, Freezer Jams, Infused Vinegars, and Seed Saving/Swapping! So save your Tuesday evenings in March for Food-Fun events; WINE drinking permissible in class!

All good and slow,


Special Valentine Dinner/Concert – Friday the 14th!

Preview of “Valentines Dinner-Concert Flyer”


We look forward to a special night of music and fun! We will offer a limited menu (see above) for a bargain price of $30 per person! Dinner starts at 5:00 and we will serve until 8:30. If lovers and friends feel like dancing after – we can make it happen! Drop by for wine/beer, or dessert if you are out and about! Thank you for your support of Local Farms and our growing business! WE LOVE YOU!

Eleventh Hour Rescues: Miracles & Music

photoJanuary. 2014. A year to grow food and music, poetry and theater. A year to develop a community of happy and healthy people. A time for change in habits and direction. Notwithstanding struggle, nor ignoring reality, and not without the love and generosity of our benefactors. The Whole Potato – still neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds YOU! How, you ask? Well, on top of my list – a house band – a blues band. Jam band. Songs of freedom. Drum circles. More music! More story tellers! Please – this space is yours! You don’t need to leave Aroostook County to find love songs or dance beats. Every fiddle, every piano, and every melody must come forth. Sing about the land, sing lullabies, sing anger and hope, SING!

Starting in February, we will hold a weekly Poetry Night – on Thursdays (7-8:pm). We are planning with the Cooperative Extension Service, a weekly Canning Class!  Monthly, starting this Sunday, The Aroostook County Democrats will be meeting at The Whole Potato after Brunch on Sunday. (those who want to eat, be here by 1:00!)  On Friday, February 14, we will be hosting a very special Valentine Dinner-Concert Event, (tickets go on sale February 1st), and of course we will participate in the February Art Walk, with renewed interest. (people seemed partied out in January!) Carol will show her film “Potato People” which included 69 farmers, artists and community members in a live-stream (to Orono) performance for her Graduate Thesis Exhibition. 

I am reminded everyday, in discussions about diet and cancer and food and health – that I am doing the right thing here. We need to get better at building relationships with our dear (small) farmers who work so hard for so little! The farmer I worked for as a kid told me that you have to sell a lot of potatoes (or other vegetables) to make a living here in Aroostook County. What if all restaurants bought more of their goods from nearby farmers? What about a year-long Farmer’s Market? Might we become closer to the land enough to use it properly, improving the overall health and welfare of our community? I dream of farming becoming more desirable to our young as they see that REAL FOOD MATTERS! Dreams – miracles – songs in the one glad hour; in the grace that comes with trying.

ONE Year Celebration at The Potato!

Stone Soup Flyer
Holy Potato! Time flies when you’re havin’ fun! Turning on dimes and falling speechless into each night’s bed, waking like it’s “Groundhog Day” and finding anew, good reason(s) to maintain the vision.
Love this life; love this unfolding story.
Love you all – you who come, you who will. . .
You who help
Who share
You belong


DINNER/CONCERT with Marcia Gallagher

Marcia G.Tribute to Jazz Sirens”, featuring the Marcia Gallagher quartet, is a musical concert  and narrative revolving around some of jazz’s greatest female vocalists.     

Through  story and song, Marcia captures a slice of the lives and careers of  influential woman jazz singers such as Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Ella and Nina Simone. She will lead you through a fascinating time in history that was rife with racial bias and gender inequity.  

A pianist and jazz singer, Marcia recreates arrangements from original recordings of the singers, and also generates her own arrangements of favorite jazz standards. 

The Marcia Gallagher Quartet consists of all local musicians: Dan Schneider, on drums, Mark Shaw on guitar, and Brien Sandstrom on bass. Jordyn Shaw will open the show. 

A youtube video of a live performance of Tribute to Jazz Sirens can be viewed on the web at  http://youtu.be/ZlaGaEVWUi8

September 6 – Food Art Walk!

Eat FoodWhat does one do with too many veggies? Why not create a sculpture or head-piece or game or instrument? We are featuring YOU – the creative community – to bring forth your assemblages, your costume-wear, your photos, paintings. drawings – whatever you think celebrates food – to the next First Friday Art Walk! Please register or have your work in by Wednesday September 4th! (if you pre-register – it helps us with planning)

Many creative practitioners are stretching the boundaries of what art can do in a community – I think of J. Morgan Puett of Mildred’ Lane <http://mildredslane.com - one of my favorite “art” sites to visit. While I participated in several projects involving food in the Intermedia Graduate Program at the University of Maine, my best experience is now building a long term project that engages people in a food aesthetic that is science-based, and energetically healing. Kudos to the people of Presque Isle for helping us stay afloat in our first year at The Whole Potato! We increasing yield and acreage as we grow, eh?

In Machias the Beehive Collective www.thebeehivecollective.org recently put on it’s 8th Annual Blackfly Ball, an event that brings in multitudes of party goers and supporters; i keep hoping we could “bee” so supported! Local Sprouts in Portland is another “collective” that works with local farmers to provide delicious and healthy foods, at the same time offering a stage for traveling (me!) musicians and local performers. www.localsproutscooperative.com  So I DO HOPE TO SEE SOME PARTY GOERS IN FULL FOOD REGALIA AT THE NEXT ART WALK – 768-5903 for more information!